Local Diving


The diving in Southern California is amazing. Scuba Schools of America & Swim offers more activities than any other dive store in the Southwest! Beach dives, boat adventures, you name it! We will keep you actively diving.

Upcoming 2019 Trips

01/13- Oil Rigs, Asante
01/19th-20th Santa Barbara Island, Pacific Star
02/03-  Oil Rigs or Wrecks, Asante
02/09- CLUB AQUARIUS DIVEX Presenting
02/16th-17th San Nicholas Island and Catalina Island, Pacfic Star
02/24- Catalina Island, Pacific Star
03/03 Palos Verdes or Oil Rigs, Asante
03/10- Catalina Island, Pacific Star
03/17- SCUBAFEST 2019
03/22nd thru 29th BONAIRE ADVENTURE
03/23rd-24th San Clemente Island and Catalina, Pacific Star
04/13th-14th Santa Barbara Island and Catalina, Pacific Star
04/21- Catalina Island Pacific Star
04/28- Oil Rigs and Wrecks, Asante
05/18th-19th San Clemente Backside and Catalina, Pacific Star
05/26-Wrecks and Oil Rigs Asante
06/8th-9th Santa Barbara Island and Farnsworth Banks, Pacific Star
06/22 Exploratory Reef Trip, Asante
06/30 Catalina Island, Pacific Star
07/13th-14th San Clemente Island and Catalina Island, Pacific Star
07/27-Catalina Island, Asante
08/11- Catalina Island, Pacific Star
08/18- Oil Rigs, Asante
08/24th-25th San Clemente Island and Catalina Island, Pacific Star
09/08-Catalina Island, Pacific Star
09/14th thru 21st LA PAZ, MEXICO ADVENTURE
09/28th-29th Opening of Lobster Season, Pacific Star
10/11- Night Dive, Asante
10/23rd-24th Santa Barbara Island, Pacific Star
12/07- 36th Annual Holiday Ugly Sweater Party and Fund Raiser
12/15-Catalina Island, Pacific Star
12/28-29th Santa Barbara Island, Pacific Star

  • Anyone is welcome to come dive with us, we also do certification dives on these weekends and will be glad to sign off on any specialties people need.

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