Scuba Rangers All Inclusive Program with equipment

Scuba Rangers All Inclusive Program with equipment


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Join Captian Kelp and Spinner and the other cast of characters and learn to scuba dive safely in a controlled environment.

A new world of underwater fun

Does your child have an interest in scuba diving and marine life? Scuba Ranger is a camp program that can help your kids explore their underwater curiosity and give them valuable lifelong skills too. Best of all, it’s so focused on fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning so much in the process!

Scuba Ranger is for kids 8 through 12 with strong swimming skills and is designed to give your child:

  • Impressive skills at a young age: They’ll gain a basic understanding of snorkeling, scuba, gear and other fundamentals in a safe pool environment with a certified instructor.
  • Marine life knowledge: Your child will explore and learn about underwater species, organisms, and the delicate underwater ecosystem.
  • Fun, fun, and more fun: They’ll get guidance from Captain Kelp, Puffer, and other entertaining characters. Every camp includes a variety of exciting activities and fun challenges.
  • Opportunities to advance: Your kids “ladder up” through five Scuba Ranger levels. Plus, specialty classes offer the chance to continue their thrilling journey!
  • Earn your way from Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, White Ranger, Silver Ranger & Demo Ranger
  • $525 get your Scuba Ranger their own equipment, classes and wetsuit!

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