SSI Ecology Series of Classes, Marine Ecology, Shark Ecology, Coral Ecology, Fish Identification, Turtle Ecology, Manta Ray Ecology The pandemic special!! $525 you save $885!!  This includes all downloads and certification for Marine Ecology, Shark Ecology, Coral Ecology, Fish Identification, Turtle Ecology, Manta Ray Ecology   Find Out More

SSI Coral Identification Class You are on your way to become a coral identification specialist! Take a journey with Niki Berry, around the world and become a expert on coral and coral ecology! Find Out More

ANDI Prism/KISS Rebreather Class This is the America Nitrox Divers International's closed circuit rebreather class.  You will need to make sure you have the appropriate text book for this class. This is a semi-private class.  This class does includ the use of a rental rebreather during training.  Find Out More

SSI Advanced Diving Class with downloads You choose any four SSI Specialty classes and you get 24 dives in and you are an SSI Advanced Diver. Each SSI Specialty Class requires a SSI Digital Download which you will recieve 4 with this special. You save $400 Find Out More

SSI Boat Diving Class SSI Boat Diving Certification will make you a much more comfortable diver. Find Out More

SSI Deep Diving Specialty This is the SSI Deep Diving Specialty. You will also need the SSI Deep Diving Specialty Digital Download for $85 Find Out More

SSI Enriched Air Nitrox This amazing course will make your diving much safer and enjoyable. Dive with less nitrogen in your breathing mix and this will be the most important foundation class you will ever take. This special class includes your SSI Digital Download during this special time period! You save $85!!  Find Out More

SSI Fish Identification Class This class will teach you how to identify the fish you see during your dives.  Based on Philum, Family, Genus, and Species. Take your class from the best in the business...Niki Berry! Find Out More

SSI Gas Blender Class This certifies you to blend gases from 21% to 100% Oxygen, Nitrox and  Trimix. You will need the $85 digital download to accompany this class. Find Out More

SSI Level 1 Open Water Class This is the exciting beginning to your new adventure. Your $350 includes all classroom, pool intruction, and beach dives. It also includes unlimited practice in our on-site heated open water simulator. This will also require  you to purchase your SSI Digital Download. This does not include your personal eq... Find Out More

SSI Navigation Specialty Class This is the SSI Navigation Class. You will need to get the $85 SSI Navigation Digital Download for this class Find Out More

SSI Open Water Instructor Training Course Complete This is the full extended SSI Open Water Instructor Training Program. It includes: SSI Advanced OW Diver SSI Nitrox Diver SSI Master Diver SSI Gas Blender Introduction to Rebreather Diving Introduction to SSI TXR Diving SSI Rescue Diver SSI Dive Guide SSI Dive Master SSI Assistant Instruct... Find Out More

SSI Science of Diving Class This is the SSI Science of Diving Class. This is one of the core classes you will need for any leadership program. You will save over $110 for this class as the SSI Digital Download is also included with the program. There are no required dives for this certification program. Find Out More

SSI Shark Ecology Join our resident shark expert, Rusty Berry, as he educates you on the who, the what, the where abouts of the sharks of the world. This class includes a field trip to watch the elusive, Soupfin Shark. Yes, you get to dive with these beautiful creatures and they are harmless! Find Out More

SSI Specialty Classes Here are all of the SSI Specialty Classes. Most classes are $150 plus a $85 digital download. This will be your text book and videos that you can access from any computer or smart phone/tablet! Find Out More

SSI Waves, Tides, & Currents Specialty This is the SSI Waves, Tides, & Currents Specialty. You will need the $85 digital download for this class. Find Out More

SSI Wreck Diving Specialty This is the SSI Wreck Diving Specialty. You will also need the SSI Wreck Diving Digital Download for $85 Find Out More

SSI Scuba Rangers SSI's Scuba Rangers is a way cool kids club.  For $425 your scuba ranger receives their work book, t shirt,  wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel, boots, gloves, hood,  6 classes,  red ranger, white ranger, blue ranger, silver ranger and Demo Ranger.  Rangers 8-10 years old are perfect fo... Find Out More

Subblue Scooter Tryout Get on the tryout list for the subblue scooter tryout Saturday June 1st at 3pm! IT;S FREEEEE!! Find Out More

SSI React Right Get your first responder trining on!! Learn the appropriate techniques for diver first aid, CPR, AED, and Oxygen Administration from Scuba Schools of America's Premier Master Instructor, Ronni!!  Oh and she's an active paramedic too!! Find Out More

Club Aquarius Meeting Club Aquarius is this Saturday on this date you clicked on. 6pm...bring your best food dish and we'll bring the drinks. You can expect a cool presentation from a major manufacturer or some famous diving person.  You get the opportunity to win a chance at the WHEEL OF SCUBA and win prizes from a cool shirt to a... Find Out More


SSI Diver Stress & Rescue Welcome to the SSI Diver Stress & Rescue Course. Two lectures one pool session and two dives in the ocean. Find Out More

SSI Underwater Photo and Video Class Enjoy a class and pool session to get your skills up with our resident underwater photo pro. Use your camera or ours.  Find Out More

SSI Scuba Skills Update This is a 4-6 hour course to help you brush the dust off your equipment and get you ready for diving once again. Your $250 includes your SSI Digital Download and your time with your diving instructor. This is a hands on classroom to the pool and hopefully to the open water for some fun diving. All rental equipment is i... Find Out More

SSI Extended Range Class Join us in the SSI Extended Range Class. Get your six dives in and become comfortable with your Xtended Range system. Use either a single tank and a pony or move into twin tanks and two ponys. Tuition does not include equipment, boat dives, or any rentals. Find Out More

Rebreather Class and Pool Take your rebreather training from the best in the industry, Rusty Berry.  He has trained hundreds of divers how to dive on their rebreathers. Your choice....Closed Circuit or Semi Closed Circuit. Dive the Prism, KISS, or Horizon rebreather.  Each course is unit specific. The class includes all consumables Find Out More

SSI Night & Limited Visibility Diving Dive into the amazing world of Night Diving and Limited Visibility. Class course includes all materials and beach dives. We highly recommend you go on the boat....way better visability. Find Out More

SSI Perfect Buoyancy Spend a day in the pool and get two great buoyancy dives in and you're a SSI Perfect Buoyancy Diver Find Out More

SSI Drysuit Diver Use your own suit or one of ours and you'll never go back to wetsuit diving in Southern California ever!! Find Out More

SSI Marine Ecological Diver Take the SSI Ecological Diving program and transform yourself into a well tought out diver. Let's take care of our planet!! Find Out More

SSI Full Face Mask Diver Take the SSI Full Face Mask training from one of the experts here at SSA. We train all of the divers at Universal Studios Hollywood how to dive on our Full Face Masks.  Enjoy the freedom of talking to your buddy during your dive! Find Out More

SSI Master Diver Program With this program you choose your four specialities, plus SSI Stress Rescue...get your 50 dives in. We all know it will take at lease 50 dives to make you a truly comfortalbe diver. Includes all downloads and dives Find Out More

SSI Reef Ambassador Become the resident expert on one of over 100 reefs we get to dive in SoCal. We will teach you everything about that reef and you wll be the one person our divers turn to for that reef. Find Out More

SSI Scooter Diving Learn to dive with our scooters. Rental is part of your program. Watch as your consumption rate plumments......hope you have a drysuit! Find Out More

SSI Search & Recovery w/ SSI Digital Download Take the SSI Search and Recovery program and learn to be more profeciant with you compass, suface marker buoy, and primary reel. This price includes your digital download. Do all of your lectures with your instructor in a semi private class from home.   Find Out More

SSI Computer Diver Let the pros at Scuba Schools of America, show you everything your dive computer can do! Find Out More

SSI Sea Turtle Ecology Let our resident expert, Niki Berry, take you on a journey of exploration of the world's oceans. Go to Catalina with her and locate the Green Sea Turtle at Hen Rock. Find Out More

SSI Advanced Adventurer Take this class to get a taste of night diving, deep diving, navigation, and perfect buoyancy.  Do a couple more dives for each specialty and get a certification for each specialty Find Out More

SSI Waves, Tides, and Currents This class will teach you nearly everything you need to know about beach diving and dealing with the currents and tides.  A ton of Fun Find Out More

SSI Extended Range Extend your dives to much longer, or deeper dives using our speciliezed techniques.  You will need your own total diving system, or you can rent one of ours. This class may be taken with a single cylinder and one pony or with two cylinders and one pony. Find Out More

SSI Technical Extended Range You may do this class on open circuit or on closed circuit. This class will teach you to use your twin tanks, two ponys, and maybe a little trimix!! Find Out More

SSI Assistant Instructor Program So you want to be part of the most exciting team in SoCal. Join us for the Assitant Isntructor Program This program includes DiveGuide and The Dive Master programs. Additional digital downloads are required. Find Out More

Instructor Trainer Course This is an all encompassing course that takes you from SSI Level One Open Water Diver, all the way through to Professional Instrucor. Every class we teach is inclused. You will also have $1000 of Digital Downloads to purchase and the DiveGuide, Dive Master Bundle for $550 Find Out More

ANDI Level 3 Technical Safe Air Diver Program Take the ANDI Level 3 Technical Safe Air Diver Program with Rusty Berry. Learn to use your Total Diving SafeAir System up to 165ft. Take it with open circuit scuba  Find Out More

Holiday SSI Level 3 Advanced Class Special Take the SSI Level 3 Advanced Open Water Diver Program with this Holiday Special. Take any four specialty classes you choose or take our recommendations of:  SSI Night Diving SSI Navigation SSI Deep Diving SSI Perfect Buoyancy Your lectures are done via live webinar and you schedule your dives. Ea... Find Out More

Swim and Water Polo Specialty Courses Select the specialty swim or water polo class you want to take. Find Out More

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